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Doolin, Ireland — Cindy Bahl

My eyes. Their intensity and brightness increasing after sobbing, when mortified, or thrilled.

Pain’s Duality (Short Fiction)

Photo by Tony Ross

She loved this part of winter. Fresh snow made her feel like the world was new again. The hushed quiet of the new snow and everything covered in white powder delighted her, like a little girl. The air was pristine and smelled full of oxygen. It was the air she needed to breathe after the past year she endured. The memories flickered across her face, casting an eclipse on her moment of joy.

‘Why couldn’t he love her? What was wrong with her?’, she pondered, lost in the past again.

‘No! Stop doing that.’, …

Unconstitutional Trump

Disturbing. Trump has not decided if he will honor the constitution.

I will share part of an exchange that happened today (August 19, 2020, Wednesday). However, you need to understand the gravity of the situation.

Senior member of the Trump staff, during a press conference, was asked if there is any scenario where Trump would accept an election loss. Bottom line? He has not decided yet if he will honor the constitution. To even utter this, to say “I will decide later”, is unconstitutional.

If you continue to support Trump, you may be considered supporting several acts of…

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