Published Poet | Writer | Astronomer | Software Engineer | Pen on writing advice, chronic pain, mental health, and poetry. I’m an aspiring writer. I say aspiring because no matter my success, I’ll always be striving. I’m working on a memoir, a science fiction novel, and young adult fantasy novel. As well as other side projects. I’m primarily publishing on Medium but have occasionally on other sites.

Recently, Poetry Soup published three of my poems in their global anthology collection. It was an incredible honor. PS: It’s Still Poetry - An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from Around the World.

Photo by Cindy Bahl. Taken June 28th, 2017, in Saint Augustine, Florida.

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Cindy Bahl

Cindy Bahl

Published Poet | Astronomer | Writer | Artist | Seasoned Programmer ~ Pen on chronic pain, mental health, & poetry. Writing projects: memoir & sci-fi novel.