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Cindy Bahl
2 min readJan 15, 2022

Writing advice for everyone!

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Writing Sense” — A fountain of writing advice in a straightforward blog!

After repeated requests from my writing friends, I’ve created a blog dedicated to providing writing advice. I’m part of (and run a few) writers’ groups where I often share writing tips, software, websites, and more to help my fellow writers. The blog is new with just two posts, but many more are to come. Trust me, I have a great deal of helpful advice on writing to share!

Join me as I offer advice, tips, and news about all things “writing”.

Occasionally, an odd topic will appear and take you off guard!

Mostly I offer tons of knowledge about the craft and art form of “writing”.

Think prose doesn’t relate to your life? It does for everyone! We put “pen to paper” every day, whether scribbling on hard copy or doing it electronically. Being able to connect clearly and improve our “writing voice”, with excellent tools, can have an enormous impact on all areas of our lives. This includes even your frequent social media posts and how your audience (followers) regard you. You can see how the benefits are numerous and timeless!

If you’re curious, here is the blog: Writing Sense

Don’t feel pressured to subscribe. But I suggest checking it out at least once as it may surprise you how useful it is!

I promise not to flood you with emails. I truly respect your time. The blog/newsletter will be concise and to the point. All your information remains private. I value each and all of us to keep complete control over our private details. I will never share it, as privacy is one of my top concerns for you, dear reader.

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