Cindy Bahl
1 min readJan 13, 2022

My Poetry is on Amazon!

Cover of PS It’s Still Poetry

I’m published and on Amazon!

I’m honored to be one of the 0.01% poets selected in Poetry Soup’s anthology of contemporary poetry. One of the 500 out of 42,000 poets. Even fewer poets had multiple poems selected. This blows my mind, and I’m still in disbelief.

The book is “PS: It’s Still Poetry”. The “PS” stands for “Poetry Soup”. It’s their second year publishing an anthology, but my first time in print!

My three poetry contributions are on pages 337, 338, and 419.

To be honest, I just wanted to share the news with everyone as this is a complete first for me!

Below are the Amazon links for where a reader can get this wonderful book. However, this is more of me sharing my good news. Exciting!

USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada, and Australia.

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